Solo Loops for Apple Watch

Apple Watch Solo Loops Measurement & Size Guide

If you’re in the market for an Apple Watch Solo Loop, finding the perfect size that’ll fit
you just right can be a little tricky. For a quick refresher, the latest Solo Loop bands for
the Apple Watch come in nine different sizes.

They’re also different from the usual watch bands because of their clasp and
buckle-free design. There aren’t any overlapping parts, either, adding to the
sleekness of their slip-on function.

However, the absence of clasps and buckles means it just stretches over your wrist,
and if you have the wrong size, adjustments are not an option. Apple addresses this
concern with a sizing tool on its website to help you pick the right size.

If you’re wondering how to figure out your wrist’s size, simply follow Apple’s
recommended methods to get started.

Apple Watch Solo Loop Sizing Tool

Sticking to the basics, your best option is to use Apple’s sizing tool on the site. Once
there, follow the instructions to get the information you need. After that’s made
available, print the result and cut it out. Wrap the paper tightly around your wrist and
take heed of the number that corresponds your size.

If you’re between sizes, Apple suggests to go for the lower size since the band will
eventually slacken. You don’t want it to be uncomfortably loose. It’s also crucial that
the watch is positioned on your wrist to maximize the heart rate and the blood
oxygen scanner functions.

Also, to make sure you get the right size, wrap the paper around the narrowest part of
your wrist. Otherwise, you’ll get the wrong one.

Photo: AppleInsider

Tape Measure for Good Measure

Not everyone has a printer readily available. In this case, use a tape measure
instead. How does this work? You get the size of your wrist with the tape measure and
enter it on Apple’s site. It then calculates and reveals your watch band size.

If there’s not a tape measure lying around, a strip of paper can be an alternative. All
you need to do is tape one end of the strip to your wrist, pull tightly, note where it
converges, and use a ruler to measure the size.

So what happens if you get the wrong size? Fortunately, getting the wrong size
doesn’t mean you’ll get stuck with a Solo Loop band you can’t use. Apple still allows
customers to exchange it with the right size online, so there’s no need to worry about
it too much.

The new Solo Loop ($49) and Braided Solo Loop ($99) are both compatible with the
newest Series 6, as well as the SE, Series 5, and Series 4 Apple watches.

The slip-on design of the latest Solo Loop bands makes them more comfy to wear
and more polished to look at. Apple’s Solo Loop Sizing Tool also serves its purpose, so
the issue of size shouldn’t stop you from getting one, especially if you’ve been eyeing
the new design for some time now. Ultimately, that watch and that wrist need some
perking up.

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