Solo Loops for Apple Watch

Solo Loop vs. Braided Solo Loop: Colors, Materials, Style or Activity

Alongside the launch of the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple has also debuted its aesthetic take on their trademark Apple Watch with Solo Loop and Braided Solo Loop bands. Here’s an innocent take on the question: Solo Loop or the Braided Solo Loop?

Gladly, both Loop bands boast of a one-piece design as compared to their Sports Band which is the perfect example of a two-part design. Considering that the new designs are just, basically, one long loop––wrist sizes may vary but lo and behold, Apple’s got you covered with 9 sizes.

Apple has this free sizing guide on their website for you to print out, so as to guide your sizing at the comforts of your home. Use it just like any measuring tape, wrap it around your wrist, and it should tell you what size bank you are.

Photo: AppleInsider

In the blue corner, we have the Solo Loop. Of course, Apple wants you to know that there’s a cheaper, simpler version––costing at $49 and boasting a good selection of seven colors being Pink Citrus, Deep Navy, Cyprus Green, Ginger, Black, White, and (PRODUCT) RED.

Apple has said that the Solo Loop is made of liquid silicone, explaining the elasticity of the band in the first place. Of course, you need to stretch it on to your wrist so as to get the perfect snug while still being comfortable.

Luckily for all those who sweat easily, the back of the band has a small channel that should support airflow just enough for you to prevent the buildup of sweat quite similarly to the Sports Band.

There really isn’t a bad choice for the colors. However, some of the darker shades prove to be the champions here as it doesn’t get too dirty easily (like Deep Navy and Cyprus Green) and just looks so good with the new shades
of the Apple Watch Series 6. It’s still your choice, though. All of them are contenders.

Photo: AppleInsider

In the red corner, we have the Braided Solo Loop. Here go Apple and their undeniable prices. This band is a lot pricier than the first, doubling its cost amounting to $99. It looks darn good, though. It comes in five colors this time with the likes of Atlantic Blue, Inverness Green, Charcoal Black, Pink Punch, and of course, the (PRODUCT)RED. Why do they have to make the pricier colors have better names, man?

Anyway, these bands, as opposed to liquid silicone, are made out of recycled yarn and interwoven with silicone threads to make it almost as stretchy and rubbery as the Solo Loops––it just looks more undeniably classier.

As for the design, it has metal caps on both ends of the band to serve as a connection to your Apple Watch. Sometimes, however, the metal can be seen quite obviously at certain angles and if you’re going for a more designed and solid look with something like a Space Gray or Graphite Apple Watch, it’s not going to work.

It’s just a matter of preference at this point––yours most importantly. If you’re living the active lifestyle, however, and don’t want the Sports Band for your Apple Watch, then we’d suggest you use the Solo Loop as it proves to be more comfortable than the Braided one––plus the yarns will serve as some sort of towel for your sweat.

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